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Personal single stroke portrait
600,00 kr - 2000,00 kr

Based on reference images, I create a 'one line' portrait, which means that the entire illustration consists of a single continuous line. With your images I can capture the look and feel of the person you want me to portray. The works are created digitally and printed on high quality matte paper.

The price depends on the number of persons/animals to portray and the size of the Illustration.

Ready to make your order? If so just choose your size and number of persons for the portrait. When you've added to cart and payed you just email me your reference images to [email protected]. You can send me as many images a you want, the more reference I have the more likeness I can create.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or thoughts regarding your commision.

Tax included in price.

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